Our People

At Weiser Iron inc. we have handled commercial and industrial projects on all scales. Our people know what a project needs, no matter what size it is. Our policy of exclusively hiring forward-thinking innovators and managers with architectural and structural construction backgrounds guarantees and QUALITY FREE project.


We achieve great results by keeping things simple.



Andrew Carnegie once said, "I pay less attention to what men or women say, I just watch what they do."

Carmela and David Metoyer established Weiser Iron Inc., in 1984 under Carmela as a Woman owned minority business.  It could have  been easily established under David as a California disabled Veteran owned.


Their vision was, "If we build it, they will come." And their employees did.  Many relocted to Fontana to raise their family and contribute to Weiser's team and success. 

Members of:

AWS American Welding Society

NISD National Institute of Steel Detailing


Approved Fabricators of:

  • Los Angeles DBS Licensed Fabricator
  • San Bernardino Country Building Department
  • Riverside Country Building Department
  • San Diego Building Department
  • Palm Springs Building Department