You can depend on Weiser Iron inc. to provide you with the following:


  • Thoroughly yet preliminary budget with suggestions to cut cost where applicable.
  • Competitive cost from final designs
  • Construction schedule with all line items of concern.
  • Computer generated shop and field drawings by our in house experienced detailers and checkers.
  • Accurate fabrication by our two shift L.A. City fabrication plant.
  • Fast and safe installation by our experienced field crews.



Construction Services

Weiser Iron inc. takes pride in providing its customers the most accurate and complete paper trail through each construction phase:

  • Jobsite logistics
  • Safety program
  • Quality control
  • Scheduling
  • Start-up
  • Accounting

General Services

  • Structural Steel and Miscellaneous Metals
  • Metal Joist and Bridging
  • Metal Decking
  • Retrofit all sizes of construction
  • Structural non-Ferrous Items
  • Green Screen framing